YVS Presale Information

Here is a short and concise rundown of the steps needed to enter the presale for YVS, the first and only decentralized yield-farming token with no admin control.

YVS Presale Information

How to enter our presale?

Dear investor,

Thank you for your interest to invest in our presale. Let’s quickly look at how to get you started.

Firstly, we'd like you to visit our presale page, yvs.finance/presale.
This is what it looks like:

Upon visiting the link above, you should be presented with this interface.

Make sure you click on the "Unlock wallet" button on the top right or below the logo to log in to your Metamask/TrustWallet/Coinbase wallet or any of the other wallets that are supported.

This will be the account that you should have ETH in, to enter the presale. Scroll a little further down to the "Purchase YVS" section to continue.

This is the section of the website you are looking for.

To enter the presale, you only need to fill out the first field and click on "Purchase". A confirmation window will show up on your wallet provider, you only need to confirm it, wait for the network to validate your transaction and you're all set!

*Note: You might want to make the gas price higher so the transaction confirms in a shorter period.

If you wish to use a referral code to enter the presale, please enter it into the second field. If you would like to learn more about the referral system and how it works, please read the following article:
$YVS Presale Referral Tutorial
We would like to share with you a short written guide on how to set your own unique referral code and how to use a referral code when making a purchase to be eligible for bonus tokens.

After you have successfully entered the presale by purchasing/reserving your YVS tokens, the following dashboard will update with your details:

The numbers on the dashboard will change to reflect your investment.

That's it! You've entered the presale and that's all you need to do.

After the presale ends or the hard cap is reached, you will be able to claim your tokens by clicking the following button:

Click on the "Claim" button after the presale is concluded.

Your YVS tokens will be transferred to your wallet.

Learn more about YVS: Website / Twitter / Telegram