YVS Lottery Announcement

We're happy to announce the newest addition to our platform - the daily lottery system!

YVS Lottery Announcement

General information about the lottery

Today we're happy to announce the newest addition to our platform – the lottery system with daily rewards!

Come over to yvs.finance and visit the "Lottery" page (once it's live) and try out the exciting new feature or take a look at the picture below to see what it will look like:

Here is a preview of the lottery page with all information

How does it work?

The lottery is a smart contract that will enable users to enter the daily raffle by buying entry tickets. After a duration of 24 hours, a lucky winner will be randomly selected by the contract when someone clicks on the "Run the lottery!" button on the bottom of the page.

Again, such as our entire platform – completely decentralized with no admin control!

The amount of collected funds will be split 50 % / 50 %, where 50 % will go to the lucky winner and the other 50 % will be burned forever! The "house" will not collect any fees and all the proceeds will be given out to the community or be burned for the benefit of the entire economy! 🥂

How to join?

It's extremely simple to join the daily lottery! Just simply click the "Buy a ticket!" button while holding at least 0.25 YVS in your wallet and that's it, confirm your transaction and that's it! If you will be picked as the winner by the smart contract, your winnings will be paid out to you immediately. 🎉

Quick facts

Lottery ticket price: 0.25 YVS
Lottery duration: 24 hours (automatically continues as one raffle closes)
Winnings: 50 % of the entry amount

Other 50 % is burned forever!

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